Why custom

You want something unique
and memorable

In our mothers’ day, there was one way to buy invitations: go to a printer or gift shop, sit down with a giant book (or two), pick a template, inks and fonts. Wait a few weeks, cross your fingers that the printer hasn’t made any mistakes and hope that your invitations aren’t as boring as you remember. Spend time with your bridesmaids, assemble your invitations and send them to your guests who barely gave them a second look.

Times have changed. You want something different, totally unique, memorable, something no other couple has! We’ve got it. The best part about having something designed just for you is exactly that: made for you, printed for you, loved by you (and everyone else).

Still unsure? Check out our list of reasons why custom invitations may be for you:

You want a unique invitation
that no other couple will have (ever)!

Custom designs are unique and tailored specifically to each client and event. Your invitations are designed just for you, incorporating your personality, style and vision of your big day. Even if you are inspired by a past invite we’ve created, your invitation will be modified to ensure it is one-of-a-kind for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

You’ve searched everywhere,
but haven’t found an invite that you LOVE
You deserve to have an invitation that you will be excited to send to your guests, one that sets the tone perfectly for your special day. Custom invitations are generally of a much higher quality than standard catalog invites.

You feel limited by your choice
of standard invitations
Every detail of our custom invitation suites is selected for you from a large array of fine papers, embellishments, styles and graphics. We are here to blend your inspiration and style together with our expertise to create a one-of-a-kind stunning design.

You are pressed for time
and need full service
You’re a busy bride with lots on your plate and no time to do it. Zorie can provide full service invitations – from design to assembling, stuffing and stamping. The only thing you need to do is tell us your idea of the perfect invitation, then leave the rest to us!

You need a different style/language etc.
than what’s available
Destination or multi-cultural weddings can require elements that many companies can’t (or won’t) deal with. We are happy to create a custom concept based on your needs for your event.

You want everything to match
(don’t worry, we get it!)

Many standard invitation catalogs offer very few matching items for their invitations, and you may get stuck having to track down and purchase those that  “sorta” match from a number of sources. We can customize a complete event package for you. To view a full list of our services click here

You want to work with an actual
person, not a big company

At Zorie, one designer handles your order from start to finish. You’ll have the opportunity to create a relationship with the designer who is responsible for every aspect of creation and production of your invitation. Questions, comments, issues? Call or email – no need for a customer number, we know who you are.

Ready for some inspiration?
View our galleries of custom work